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On the next page we could like to show you a selection of pictures from our breeding Kennel, and hope you will enjoy them, and grow to like and love this majestic, and exeptionalbreed better. I’d like to share some of my observations and pass on some adice concerning the breed.

If you are thinking if having a guard of the larger breeds, I can strongly recommend to have a Komondor. Curiously, the price of a Komondor puppy, is less in comperason to other large breed of guard dogs.

On the practical side, and speaking of years of experience, interesting fact, that the care of the coat of the Komondor is easier in comparison with other short or long coated dogs. Remember, the Komondor does not molt, you will not find annoying bits of hair all year around, or at molting twice a year like with other breeds.

The feeding of a Komondor is less demanding (tinanciak as well) because he is hardy and unspoiled not fastidious, a good trait what has been pixed geneticalyover the centuries. If you are thinking of having a Komondor, and need any advice, or more information, I am only too happy to help, and share my 15 years of experience, with you.

Don’t forget, it is coriously true, once you have decided to share your life with a Komondor you will always long to have their magical companionship.

And if you already are the proud owner of this King of Dogs, the KOMONDOR, I can only congratulate you on your good decision!

Best wishes and thank you for visiting our website.
Mr. and Mrs. Nagy Attila Kisgesztelyi-Harcos Kennel.

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