On the next page I like to introduce Sandorfalvi-Subás Kincsem.

She was bor non the 20th marc. 2007. She is one of a litter of seven.

Sire: Mátyás Király Udvari Dákó "Dani" HCH, HGCH
Dam: Sándorfalvi-Subás Bársony HCH, HGCH

She is a lovely young bitch already qualified for breeding. She has promising coat, with thick undercoat, perfect KK teeth, dark pigment. She is 71cm(28.4 inch) at shoulder, has deep chest, wonderful proportions, giving her the very thought after sg nare like proportions. We hope she will make a wonderful breeding bitch we plan to pair her with Kisgesztelyi-Harcos Ferkó of course only if they agree too!

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