On this page you can find all the information about Kisgesztelyi-Harcos Ferkó, all the photos are in chronological order.

Ferko was born on the 9th nov. 2006- as one of the male members of a litter of 10. from.

Sire: Mátyás Király Udvari Nyalka Betyár HJCH, HCH, HSCH, HGCH
Dam: Fodros Von Thüringen HJCH, HCH, HSCH

Ferko at 21 month of age already measnred 80cm (31.5”) at shoulder and has a bodyweight of 70kg (11 stone). He is robust, strong and heavy boned, has excellent (K. K) correct and complete teeth. His eyes are clean beautiful dark brown, his pigment is excellent. The coat is thick, the cords are heavy, but not to heavy to be manageable. Ferko has qualified for breeding (Hungaryan requirement). Despite of his young age, and the fact that he has been shown only on four shows the achievements of this pronising young dogs are: Res CAC 3X CAC Res CACIB


HGCH, HCH, Kisgesztelyi Harcos Ferkó



Breeding Review sheet


Europe dog show


2009. 08. 21. Devecser
National Hungarian dog show (CAC)
Review sheet




The most beautiful Hungarian Sheepdog II.





Displasy result

Displasy devoid


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