Feedbacks of new Owners

Dear Sir,

The puppy is really beautiful! He is really energetic. He seems to be happy here, although he could only discover the smaller part of the garden. (2000 m2 is available for him. It will take some time to discover the whole place.) He moves and run a lot, he enjoys chasing the cats. He gets on well with our other dog called Zsivány. At this moment they are sleeping at the front door. That is their first time together. We are watching them. We are curious how they behave with each other. At the fist time there was a bit conflict between them but now they are friends. I would like to say thank you for all your advices.

Dear Attila,

Your dogs are really beautiful and they are kept well. Congratulations to them. I'm going to look around a bit at other komondor breeders. Your kennel was the first where we have been to. Thank you for all your kindness. Still in touch, anyhow I decide.

Dear Nagy Attila,

Thank you very much for the photos. They are beautiful. Thank you for the new photos too. They made our evening better.

Hi Attila,

I would like to bathe Gina. What kind of shampoo should I use? By the way everithing is fine. We successfully rode out the changing of teeth. I saw your new puppies. I hope they will make you happy. Congratulations.

Regards: Joci !
Dear Attila,

A few new photo of Kisgesztelyi Harcos Guszti (Gazsi)... He is a nice, clever and a lovable dog. I'm sure that he will be a brave dog. He is inquiring, he afraid of nothing.

Regards : Péter
Dear Attila,

Thank you, we have received the pedigree. Gubanc is a wonderful dog. Of course we will send you photos time by time.

He is really clever and sweet dog. I attached 2 photos. I will try to take a photo of him when he is not running. (He is really playful but we like that.)

Ági, Ádám, Barnus, Gergő
Dear Nagy Attila,

We have already talked by phone a few times and my parents have been to you once. But they haven't decided yet whether they should buy a puppy or not. We have always had komondors but after the death of our last dog, we haven't bought a new one. My father is going to be 60 years old and I thought it would be a nice present to buy a puppy for him. I'm interested in the puppies of Jellem. My parents saw him and they were impressed by him. When will he have puppies again?

Dear Attila,

Good news. The puppies are very nice and the parents too. I follow the uploaded photos on your website. They are nice and big. We will consult about the appointment.

Regards: Gábor
Dear Attila and his Family,

We have luckily arrived in Halásztelek. During the journey the puppy slept well. At home she gets on well with everyone. She made a new friendship with our German shepherd dog called Bruno. Bruno gave him his all toys. Hamvas is really brave.

Regards: B. Katalin
Dear Sir,

Thank you, we have received the pedigree of Bere. Today we went to our vet to get vaccination against rabies. He is 24.1 kg. Bere is fine and has a good vitality. He is happy. If he don't agree with our 7 years old puli then he simply beats him. By the way they get on well with each other. I'm going to take photos of him soon.

Sz. Ádám és Kitti
Dear Attila,

We have received the pedigree, thank you. We gave Hamvas a name of Minka. It is an acient hungarian name. He develops well and nice to everyone who is the member of the family. She is really lovable, and gets on well with cats too. She is really clever. She figured out how to open the doors around our house. Our German shepherd dog can't do that. He can be lead on leash. I'm going to send you some pictures of her.

B. Katalin
Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your advice. The puppy is not fat and it is comforting that his brother grows in a same way. I care about his bones very much. So I bought for him Acana which is a vitamin for bones. With this we can avoid those problems what you have mentioned. He is really clever and healthy dog. He is very headstrong, but he is absolutely not agressive. He gets on well with everyone in our family even with our other dog called Zsivány. I hope that in summer I can get his partner dog from you.

Thank you for your help, regards: O. Krisztina

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