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Kisgesztelyi-Harcos Fanny.

Fanny was bor non the 9th nov. 2006. from the same litter of 10 as Ferko on the previous page.

Sire: Mátyás Király Udvari Nyalka Betyár HJCH, HCH, HSCH, HGCH
Dam: Fodros Von Thüringen HJCH, HCH, HSCH

Fanny is a well built strong, robost bitch, 74cm (29”) shoulder height, she is tipical of the Tipe. Dark good pigment K K teeth, dark clean eyes, beautiful head. Good thick coat ribbon like and strong. She has qualified for breeding. Many winniups under her belt, despite of her young age of 21 month. She has achieved HCH and HSCH which She will receive once the regulatory time lapse of one year has passed between her 1st and last show (Hung regulation).


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